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Why choose Sovran HR for assessment, training, and HR systems?

Read what people have to say!

Linda Newman (Human Resources Manager)

Our experience is that the assessment is easy to administer, provides useful reports for interviewing and employee development, and has increased our ability to place the right person in the right position.

 The results of including this survey in our hiring process have been dramatic. We not only reduced our turnover from 61% to 27%, but for the first time in our history, production lines are fully staffed. The reduction in turnovers and increase in the quality of our workforce resulted in significant coat saving.

Deborah R. Sheaern (PHR Human Resources Officer)

We’ve used the Step One Survey II, for two year and reduced turnover, especially within the teller position; reduced the time in screening process by 45%; and have also reduced the time to hire by 30%. Considering the low cost, low administration and the return on our investment is priceless.

Profile XT is also a unique tool by way of being to truly match a candidate’s skill with does skills needed for the open position.

Shari Kirby, SPHR (Human Resources Director)

The assessments are easy to administer, economical, and should help us to attract and retain the right employees for us going forward.

Rhonda Rea Shelley (HR and Training Manager)

Before we purchased the Step One Survey, we tested it to verify that it would fit our hiring needs. We found it to be exactly as you described, an effective tool in assessing a candidate, self-administered using the internet. The set up is quick and easy and we really liked the instant e-mail with the assessment results. It is definitely useful as part of our hiring process.

Mindy Bergeman (Human Resources Manager)

You took our best engineer, the one we would like to clone several times over, and assessed his thinking styles, behavior traits, and occupational interest. The in depth information we received in the reports generated from this assessment helped us determine exactly what we were looking for in our next engineer that we needed to hire. With the profile, we assessed a candidate we liked and found the pleasant report to be very concise in seeing how closely matched this candidate was to what we expected for the position. The interview questions the placement report provides assisted us in maintaining a well organized and effective interview process. The Profile XT will help us make more informed hiring decision and help us coach and develop our employees more effectively.

We gladly recommend the Profile XT and the Step One Survey to other companies looking to reduce their turnovers, reduce the amount of poor hiring decisions and increase the effectiveness of the coaching and development of their employees.

Judie Posner (Human Resources Manager)

I’ve been receiving very important feedback from the Step One Survey screening program. It has enabled me to learn insightful information prior to employment about an individual’s as they relate to honesty/integrity, substance abuse, reliability and work ethic that wouldn’t be discovered until after someone was employed – then it’s too late! Also the direct admission portion provides open-ended interview questions that make the interview more structured and effective.

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"Sovran has helped us hire the right people and keep them engaged!"

- N.J.- Owner